A storage service that stores and delivers
goods/fixtures for you

Cheaper than rental warehouses! A storage service that would deliver even large-sized goods/fixtures

Making space for your business.
Manage your inventory better.

Event fixtures




Promotional goods

Are you suffering from these similar constraint?

  • Space constraint

    • Lacking of space for productive working environment.
  • Budget constraint

    • The rent of a warehouse
      exceeds your budget.
  • Time constraint

    • It takes too much time and effort to shift the goods in the warehouse.
    • The delivery is time consuming.
  • Manpower constraint

    • Items are put away haphazardly as no one manages it.
    • Inventory not managed in the right manner (for storage or disposal)

will solve your troubles.


Why store with Stock Mamoru ?

  • Reasonable

    Secure and cheaper than rental storages

    Are you renting a warehouse in Singapore? With Stock Mamoru, we are secured, convenient and reasonable in price.

  • Convenient

    Let us do it for you

    Our Mamoru staff will go over to the designated collection place for packing and transportation of the items.

  • User-friendly

    Visualization of items

    Deposited items can be accounted for via the photographs.
    These can be easily managed in the system.

  • Delivery

    Easy delivery arrangement

    Requests can be made online to arrange for deposited items to be delivered to branches/stores or event venues instead of the original deposited location.

  • Disposal

    Easy disposal after completion of storage

    Once storage becomes unnecessary, we can dispose of your items safely. Disposals can be arranged with a simple operation in the system.


Secure storage facility

Comfortable security

  • Secured environment
  • High level of security
  • 24 hour surveillance

At our dedicated storage facility, customers’ items are stored with care. The storage facility is under 24 hour surveillance system by a major security company, and access to the warehouse is controlled to ensure no unauthorized third party can get in.

Item management by visualization

Deposited items can be viewed from our website, anytime and anywhere. Since they are shown as list of photographs, item management becomes easier.

  • Items will be photographed

    Deposited items will be photographed and uploaded onto the Stock Mamoru system.

  • Measurements

    Size (width x depth x height) are measured and registered within the system.

  • Issuing of account

    After being photographed and measured, we will issue an access account to you.


Delivery to anywhere

Items can be sent to any specified location across Singapore, not just returned to our customer.

  • Simple delivery from the website

    This can be requested simply from our website. The destination location can be anywhere, it just need to be specified and items shall be delivered there.

  • Deliveries can be coordinated to anywhere,
    and even to multiple locations

    Deliveries are coordinated after the request. On a later date, subject items will be delivered to the specified location(s).

Easy disposal

Once storage becomes unnecessary, items can be disposed safely.
Disposals can be arranged with a simple operation in the system.


Description of features

  • Item Listing

    Deposited items are uploaded and listed in the Stock Mamoru system for easy management of inventory.

  • Input of Details

    Measurements and other information can be input into the system for easy viewing.

  • Delivery

    Easily send your items out for delivery by selecting the items and specifying the delivery destinations.

  • Disposal

    Once the items are no longer needed, you may easily select the items for disposal, and we will proceed with the necessary disposal process.

Request for Demo account

Examples of uses

  • Storage of promotional materials for events such as exhibitions

    Promotional materials for exhibitions are not routinely used, yet they occupy considerable amount of office space. With Stock MAMORU, promotional materials not routinely used can be kept in storage, they can be checked online with photographs, and when needed, they can be sent to specified locations. This can cut down on the time and effort for inventory check and delivery arrangements during exhibition preparations.

  • Manage haphazardly placed items by visualizing them

    In most storage units such as warehouses or storerooms, items are piled up in cardboard boxes so that one cannot grasp at a glance what items are in there, or how many. Inventory management will require stock counting, checking everything one by one. With Stock MAMORU, items are made into lists by checking all items and photographing them with camera when they are received, enabling management by visualization.

  • Consolidated management of inventory between multiple locations

    Delivery destination for items stored with Stock MAMORU can be set freely. Manage inventory centrally at Stock MAMORU and arrange to send necessary number of items to the subject branch when items become necessary. Such inventory management can be carried out simply by using our website.

Customers' Testimonial

  • A drug distribution chain store:
    Now we can concentrate

    A drug distribution chain store: Now we can concentrate on tasks for ensuring safe and secure use by our customers

  • An IT company:
    Saved space in our office and opened a new meeting space

    We participate in exhibitions once in every 2 to 3 months. We have sales promotion materials such as banners, displays, fixtures and panels for each exhibition. We did not have space in our office to store them, and the effort it took to manage the inventory was also a big headache for us. By using Stock MAMORU, our office has become better organized, and we were able to use the previously occupied space to set up a new meeting space. And more than anything, this has drastically reduced troublesome tasks for each exhibition.

  • A medical equipment manufacturer:
    Outsourcing the management of even highly confidential items

    We are a manufacturer that develops medical kits for mainly private customers. We are using Stock MAMORU for storage of spare sample kits and display stands for sales promotions. Not only do we store those with Stock MAMORU, we also have necessary products, fixtures and advertisement goods delivered to event venues on specified dates whenever we hold our monthly product promotional events. Before, we had no choice but to store and handle the transportations internally due to the confidential nature of our equipment, but now that we are able to outsource this, our productivity has gone up significantly.

Inquiry flow

  • 1. Request/inquiry

    Please make a request to us from our website or by phone. Our sales staff will get back to you without delay.

  • 2. Requirement details

    In order to facilitate a smooth process, we will need these information for example quantity, size, pickup location, frequency of use and more.

  • 3. Proposal/quote

    Based on the information provided, we will offer our proposal/quote. After the commission is officially agreed, we will carry out final coordination on item pickup and contract signing.

  • 4. Depositing

    Arrangements will be made for pickup and transportation of the commissioned items.

  • 5. Manage

    The items will be stored in our dedicated storage facility.

Let us help you

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